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Clifton Rubber’s durable rubber & polyurethane components have revolutionised the sports & leisure industry. From sports equipment, including our bowls ditch liners, to garden equipment, protection for boating and water sports equipment, rubber and polyurethane can be used for a range of applications in the industry. Customers can always count on Clifton Rubber for superior quality and performance. 

Discover how rubber and polyurethane components are used in the sports and leisure industries.

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Industrial Sports & Leisure Rubber Products Manufacturing Services

Rubber Moulding For The Sports & Leisure Industry

The Rubber Moulding process enables the creation of custom, durable, and high-performance components for the sports and leisure industry.

From sports equipment like grips and balls to leisure products like swimming goggles and yoga mats, rubber moulding empowers the industry to deliver cutting-edge, resilient, and user-friendly products.

Here are some common uses of rubber-moulded products in the sport and leisure industry:

  • Sports Equipment: balls and protective gear, mats, water sports equipment etc.
  • Athletic Footwear
  • Playground and Gym Equipment

With its flexibility and shock-absorption properties, rubber-moulded products in the sport and leisure industry offer a wide range of benefits, including enhanced performance, safety, comfort, and durability. Additionally, the technique allows for intricate and ergonomic designs, improving user experience and comfort.

Polyurethane Moulding For The Sports & Leisure Industry

Polyurethane moulding presents a myriad of advantages to the Sports & Leisure Industry, revolutionising the manufacturing of sports equipment and leisure products. Its exceptional versatility and durability enable the creation of high-performance components, such as shock-absorbent padding for protective gear and resilient soles for athletic shoes. The lightweight nature of polyurethane enhances portability, facilitating travel-friendly leisure products like inflatable mattresses and foldable chairs. Moreover, the material’s ability to replicate intricate designs ensures ergonomic and comfortable sports equipment, like custom-moulded grips and handles. 

A few of the most common uses of polyurethane moulding in the sports and leisure industry include:

1. Sports Equipment Components: such as:  Skateboard Wheels, Ski and Snowboard Bindings, Golf Club Grips.

2. Protective Gear: Shin Guards, Elbow and Knee Pads

3. Seating and Padding: horse saddles, stadium seating, plus many more

4. Water Sports Equipment: life jackets, buoys, boating components

5. Exercise Equipment: Dumbbells and Barbells, sports mats, balls

Polyurethane moulding enables the industry to produce innovative, long-lasting, and user-centric products, enhancing the overall sporting and leisure experience.

Rubber Covering including

Rubber covering offers numerous advantages to the Sports & Leisure Industry, elevating the performance and safety of various equipment and products. The shock-absorbent nature of rubber covering reduces impact forces, minimising the risk of injuries during sports activities. 

Its non-slip properties enhance grip and control, making it ideal for racquet handles, bicycle grips, and sports balls. 

Rubber Rollers

Rubber rollers are used in the sports and leisure industry due to their ability to provide traction, grip, and smooth movement. Here are some common uses of rubber rollers in sports and leisure:

  • Gym and Exercise Equipment: in treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, and other fitness equipment.
  • Bowling Alleys: in automatic pinsetters and ball return systems.
  • Printing Rollers: In the production of sports-related materials like banners, flags, and promotional items.
  • Roller Coasters and Fairgrounds: Rubber-coated rollers are used in roller coaster systems.
  • Sports Equipment Manufacturing: Rubber rollers are employed in the manufacturing processes of various sports equipment, such as rolling out materials, laminating, and applying adhesives.
  • Pool Tables: used as part of the cushion systems in pool tables.

Rubber rollers are valued for their resilience, non-slip properties, and durability, making them essential components in various sports and leisure applications. 

Rubber Wheels and Tyres

Rubber wheels offer great traction and durability and are used across a range of sports equipment, such as bicycles, wheelchairs, golf buggies and off road vehicles.

Rubber Extrusion For The Sports & Leisure Industry

Rubber extrusion plays a pivotal role in advancing the Sports & Leisure Industry by offering a wide range of benefits. The process enables the creation of custom-designed, high-performance rubber profiles for sports equipment, such as seals for water-resistant gear like diving masks and wetsuits. The flexibility of rubber extrusion allows for the production of weather-resistant gaskets and seals, enhancing the durability and longevity of outdoor sports products like tents and canopies. 

The versatility of extruded rubber allows for the development of ergonomic handles and grips, optimising user comfort in various leisure items, including bicycles and exercise equipment. 

Rubber Sheets Conversion For The Sports & Leisure Industry

Rubber sheet conversion offers valuable advantages to the Sports & Leisure Industry, enhancing the design, performance, and safety of various products. The process allows for the creation of custom-sized and shaped rubber sheets offering shock-absorption properties, reducing the impact of falls and collisions during physical activities. 

The most commons uses of rubber sheets are:

  • Protective Padding
  • Gym Floors and mats
  • Boat protection for mooring
  • Playground surfacing
  • Inflatable products

The versatility of rubber sheets promotes innovation, comfort, and safety, enriching the sporting and leisure experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Precision engineering is essential in the development of high-quality, high-performance rubber products for sports and leisure. 

Here are some ways precision engineering is used in rubber products for sports and leisure:

  • Design and Tolerance Control.
  • Creating moulds for sports equipment.
  • Customization of rubber components to suit various sports equipment.
  • Effective damping and vibration control, improving comfort and performance.
  • Research and Development: Precision engineering techniques are utilised in the research and development of innovative rubber products for sports and leisure. 

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Companies We’ve Worked With


  • Hemingfords’ Bowls Club (Cambridgeshire) installed the ditch liner’s 2011 and they have given them a great review: “Clifton Rubber have developed a superb quality Ditch Liner which we use in our bowls green’s perimeter. We had difficulty in finding this quality elsewhere and since its introduction our Ditch Liners have received nothing but praise. They look fantastic but mainly they do the job they were designed for. We now have a bowls green which meets the criteria required to enable our Club to stage County and National matches. We have no reservations at all in recommending this excellent new product to any other Club.”

    Hemingfords’ Bowls Club

  • “We’d tried various methods of lining our ditches in the past, but they were poor quality and didn’t last long. Having seen what Huntingdon Indoor Bowls Club were using we contacted Clifton Rubber straight away. We’ve now had their Ditch Liners in place for over 3 years and they are excellent quality, protect the bowls and are definitely worth the investment.”

    Sawtry and District Bowling Club

  • “The main function of a Ditch Liner should be to hold the Jack in place and protect it, along with any Bowls that roll into it. The Clifton Rubber Ditch Liners are ideal for this job. r I’ve played indoor bowls and seen the Ditch Liners there. We did a bit of investigative work to see what products were out there on the market. We read the reviews and got a very competitive quote, so we decided to invest.”

    Marchmount Bowls Club

  • “Just to let you know that our new ditch matting that we purchased from you is spot on. Used all through this busy season, really pleased with it.”

    Fairford Bowling Club