Successful Rubber Covering Project for Vintage Machinery

At Clifton Rubber we cover all types of wheels, some of which can be found on vintage machinery.   

We help customers to restore their machines using high-quality rubber to enhance the functionality and lifespan of historical equipment, all helping to preserve our industrial heritage for people, for many years to come.   

Our employees particularly enjoy working on such projects and we were recently approached by a customer who had a vintage fire engine that he was refurbishing. 

The wheels needed some attention, so he got in contact with our sales team, and we arranged to have the wheels delivered to us.   

Our Rubber Covering production team were delighted to help to restore the wheels back to their former glory and help the satisfied customer to carry on with his restoration project.

Solid tyres for wheels can be used on various modes of vintage transport for example, fire engines, traction engines, horse drawn carriages, vintage cars, steam roller wheels and model traction engines.


  • “We received the wheels today and I wanted thank you for an excellent job. We are looking forward to fitting them onto the fire engine”

    Wheel Covering Customer