We provide manufacturing solutions to meet our customer’s specific rubber and polyurethane product requirements.

Rubber and Polyurethane Components Used For The Manufacturing Industry

We provide manufacturing solutions to meet our customer’s specific rubber and polyurethane product requirements. The components we manufacture are used by our customers in various applications across the manufacturing industry.

Typical projects have included: Rubber Air Valves, Gripper Pads, Anti Vibration Mounts to name but a few.

Custom-moulded rubber components have been designed for specific industrial applications, such as seals for food and drink processing equipment or parts for manufacturing facilities.

Clifton Rubber Capabilities By Industry: Manufacturing

Rubber Moulding For The Manufacturing Industry

Rubber moulding offers numerous benefits to the manufacturing industry. It enables the production of complex and precise rubber components, catering to diverse applications. By using rubber moulding techniques, manufacturers can achieve high levels of dimensional accuracy, ensuring consistent product quality. The process allows for customization and versatility, as rubber moulds can be designed to match specific shapes, sizes, and tolerances. 

This versatility translates into cost-effectiveness and efficient production, reducing material wastage. Rubber moulding also enhances product durability, as it provides excellent resistance to chemicals, wear, and impact. With its ability to produce intricate designs and withstand harsh conditions, rubber moulding can significantly contributes to your manufacturing success.

Here are some common uses of rubber moulded components in manufacturing:

  • Gaskets: to create a seal between two surfaces, preventing leakage of fluids or gases. They are commonly used industrial machinery.
  • Seals and O-rings: to prevent the leakage of liquids or gases in hydraulic systems, pumps, valves, and various manufacturing components.
  • Vibration Isolators, Bumpers and Dampers: to reduce vibrations and noise in machinery and equipment.
  • Belts and Conveyor Components: for moving materials in manufacturing plants.
  • Rubber Coatings: Rubber coatings are applied to various surfaces to provide grip, protect against abrasion, or reduce friction.
  • Rubber Linings: to protect equipment and surfaces.

Polyurethane Moulding For The Manufacturing Industry

Polyurethane moulding provides exceptional versatility, allowing for the production of a wide range of products with varying shapes, sizes, and hardness levels. Utilising polyurethane moulding enables the creation of complex and intricate designs, ensuring precise and consistent product quality. This process also offers excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, and chemicals, resulting in durable and long-lasting products. It also provides insulation properties, making it suitable for applications requiring thermal or electrical insulation. 

Additionally, polyurethane moulding allows for efficient mass production, reducing production time and costs. 

Typical polyurethane components include:

  • Polyurethane Seals and Gaskets: to create airtight or watertight seals in various manufacturing processes and equipment.
  • Polyurethane Dampers and Vibration Isolators: to reduce vibration and noise in machinery and equipment.

Rubber Covering including

Rubber covering plays a crucial role in the manufacturing industry by providing protection and enhancing the performance of various equipment. It offers excellent grip, insulation, and resistance to wear, making it ideal for covering rollers, cylinders, and other industrial components.

Rubber covering improves traction, reduces slippage, and enhances product handling, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. It also acts as a barrier against corrosion, chemicals, and environmental factors, extending the lifespan of machinery and reducing maintenance costs.

With its versatility and protective properties, rubber covering significantly benefits the manufacturing industry.

Rubber Rollers For The Manufacturing Industry

Rubber rollers are also essential components used in various manufacturing processes. They offer numerous advantages to the industry, including precise material handling, consistent product quality, and improved production efficiency. Rubber rollers provide excellent traction, ensuring proper alignment and smooth movement of materials during processing. They also offer resistance to abrasion and wear, increasing their durability and longevity. 

Our rubber rollers can be customised to meet specific requirements, such as hardness, surface finish, and dimensions, allowing for optimal performance in different applications. 

​​Rollers are used in various applications in the manufacturing industry including:

  • Printing and Packaging Industry: used in various machinery 
  • Conveyor Systems: used for material handling, such as transporting goods in manufacturing plants and warehouses. 
  • Textile Industry: spinning, weaving, and printing
  • Steel and Metal Industry: used for rolling and straightening metal sheets.
  • Food Processing: in food processing equipment for tasks packaging, and conveyor systems.

Rubber Wheels & Tyres For The Manufacturing Industry

Rubber wheels and tyres provide mobility and transportation solutions for equipment, vehicles, and materials. They offer excellent traction, ensuring smooth movement and manoeuvrability in various environments and surfaces. Rubber wheels and tyres provide shock absorption, reducing vibrations and enhancing safety during material handling and transportation. They offer resistance to wear, impact, and chemicals, increasing their durability and reducing maintenance costs. 

Rubber wheels are used in manufacturing for applications such as:

  • Material Handling Equipment: on carts, trolleys and trucks.
  • Conveyor Systems: to transport goods in manufacturing plants
  • Forklifts, lorries and vans: used in factories and for distribution of goods
  • Trolleys and Carts: to transport goods

Like all our products, rubber wheels and tyres can be designed and customised to match specific load capacities, dimensions, and performance requirements. With their reliability and versatility, rubber wheels and tyres help manufacturers optimise their production efficiency.

Rubber Extrusion For The Manufacturing Industry

Rubber extrusion is a valuable process for the manufacturing industry, offering several benefits. It allows for the production of continuous lengths of rubber profiles, seals, gaskets, and other custom shapes with consistent cross-sectional dimensions. Rubber extrusion provides versatility in design, enabling manufacturers to create complex profiles and meet specific requirements for various applications. 

This process ensures high precision and dimensional accuracy, resulting in reliable and efficient products. Rubber extrusion offers excellent resistance to environmental factors, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations, enhancing product durability and performance. It also facilitates cost-effective mass production, reducing material wastage and improving overall production efficiency. Rubber extrusion is a vital manufacturing technique that contributes significantly to the industry’s success.

Rubber extrusions are used in manufacturing in the following ways:

  • Seals and Gaskets: to prevent the leakage of liquids, gases, or dust between two surfaces.
  • Bumpers and Protection: to prevent damage from collisions, absorb shock, and protect both the equipment and personnel.
  • Conveyor Belts: for material handling.
  • Tubing and Hoses: in various industries.

Soundproofing and Vibration Damping: to reduce noise and vibration levels.

Rubber Sheets Conversion For The Manufacturing Industry

Rubber sheet conversion allows for the customization and fabrication of rubber sheets to meet specific requirements for various applications. Rubber sheet conversion enables the production of sheets with precise thickness, dimensions, and properties, providing versatility in product design and functionality. 

Rubber sheeting is used for various applications including:

  1. Vibration Isolation
  2. Flooring and Mats
  3. Soundproofing
  4. Gaskets and Seals and Linings
  5. Insulation and Damp Proofing 
  6. Protective Pads and Bumpers and Cushioning

These sheets can be cut, shaped, and bonded to create components such as gaskets, seals, liners, and insulation materials. Rubber sheet conversion offers excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and environmental factors, ensuring durability and reliability in diverse industrial settings. It also enables cost-effective production and efficient material utilisation, reducing waste and optimising manufacturing processes.

Precision Engineering For The Manufacturing Industry

Precision engineering is a critical aspect of the manufacturing industry, providing significant advantages. It involves the production of high-precision components and equipment using advanced techniques and technologies. Precision engineering ensures exceptional accuracy, enabling the creation of intricate and complex parts with tight tolerances. 

Our precision engineering capability offers customization and versatility, allowing for tailored solutions to specific requirements. With a focus on precision and innovation, precision engineering drives advancements in the manufacturing industry, delivering superior products and competitive advantages.

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  • “The Clifton Rubber Bowls Ditch Liners look and feel top quality. Thank you for all your help and advice when placing the order. We will definitely be recommending you.”

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