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Pintle Rollers


Product Description

Clifton Rubber manufactures and supplies pintle rollers for various uses in root crop processing equipment such as web drive rollers and crop transfer rollers. Rollers can be manufactured to any size and covered in any of our standard pintle profiles. Rollers can be spiral wrapped with pintle strip or covered in pintle rings depending on customer requirements. Clifton Rubber’s roller covering department also offer a strip and recover service. This is where existing worn rollers can be stripped back to metal and recovered with new Clifton Rubber pintle.

Clifton Rubber also stock a range of pintle rings which are used to cover pintle rollers as an alternative to spiral wrapping strip. The pintle rings are available from stock in a range of standard sizes.

We also stock a range of pintle belts which are used for various crop handling applications including use in harvesters, sorting lines, optical sorters, grading lines, etc. Pintle belts are generally made to order and can be manufactured to the customers required specifications.

Product Specifications

Overall Dimensions Various
Material Rubber
Colour Black


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