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A web drive roller, also known as a web roller or drive pulley, is an essential component in various types of agricultural machinery, including those used in agriculture for conveying and handling crops, materials, or other items on a web or belt. Web drive rollers are used in various types of equipment, including:

  • Harvesters: To move harvested crops from the field to a collection point.
  • Sorting and Grading Lines: To transport crops through different stages of sorting, cleaning, and grading.
  • Packing Lines: To move produce to different packing stations for boxing, bagging, or other packaging methods.
  • Processing Equipment: To handle materials through different processing stages, such as washing, peeling, or slicing.

The effectiveness and efficiency of a web drive roller in these applications depend on its design, material, and maintenance. Proper selection and upkeep of drive rollers are crucial for ensuring reliable performance and minimizing downtime in agricultural operations.

Our web drive and underdrive rollers are used by many leading OEMs within Europe. Our rollers are made to the highest quality ensuring dependable performance in the toughest conditions. We can offer a strip and re-cover service for used or damaged web drive and underdrive rollers or we can supply complete new rollers to the manufacturer’s design.

We regularly refurbish rubber web drive and underdrive rollers for the common harvesting and handling machines including Grimme and Standen among others.