Have you considered installing Ditch Liners around your Bowling Green?

Perhaps you will be carrying out maintenance or refurbishment work at your club during the colder months, so that you are set up ready for the start of next season?

One area of the greens which is under constant wear and tear from the unpredictable and varied British environment is the ditches and their liners.  Especially this year as we’ve not enjoyed the greatest summer weather!

Ditch liners play an important role in both protecting the woods and jacks from surface damage and stopping them moving from where they drop into the gutter. 

Hemingfords Bowls Club commented:

“Clifton Rubber have developed a superb quality Ditch Liner which we use in our bowls green’s perimeter. We had difficulty in finding this quality elsewhere and since its introduction our Ditch Liners have received nothing but praise. They look fantastic but mainly they do the job they were designed for. We have no reservations at all in recommending this excellent new product to any other Club!” 

Several types of ditch liner are available on the market, from simple rubber chippings to imported mats.  Unfortunately, some liners can deteriorate rapidly and fail in their main functions, which also leaves the green looking untidy and doesn’t give the best impression of the club.

As a British manufacturer of general rubber products, we have designed and develop an innovative rubber Ditch Liner system, which is now installed in hundreds of Clubs worldwide.

The Ditch Liner has soft rubber spikes which protect the woods and jacks which drop into the ditch and stop them from moving, meeting the criteria and regulations set by the bowls governing bodies.

The Ditch Liners are manufactured at Clifton Rubber’s factory in the UK from a high quality rubber material which is extremely durable in the outside environment. 

The Liners come in one metre sections and the width is suitable for standard ditches of 200mm – 300mm in width.  The product is maintenance free and very cost effective compared to similar products.

Clubs who have installed this innovative product are more than pleased.  

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