Bespoke Conveyor Rollers

Our Rubber Covering department excels at covering existing rollers or manufacturing rollers from new that are used by our recycling customers.

A conveyor roller is an essential component of conveyor systems.  These rollers are cylindrical components that support the conveyor belt and the materials being conveyed, enabling smooth and efficient movement through the recycling process. 

For our customers they are an essential for support, movement and direction to guide the materials.

Conveyor Rollers in the Recycling industry for a variety of uses:

  • Material Transport: Moves recyclable materials (such as plastics, metals, paper, and glass) through various stages of the recycling process.
  • Sorting Lines: Supports the conveyor belts used in automated sorting systems, where materials are separated based on type, size, or weight.
  • Crushing and Shredding: Facilitates the movement of materials to and from crushing or shredding machines.
  • Screening and Separation: Helps transport materials through screening systems that separate items by size or type.