Idler discs and rubber rings for return rollers and impact rollers manufactured in various sizes and colours.

Bespoke Conveyor Idler Discs

Many of our Recycling customers come to us for conveyor idler discs to use with their recycling machinery and we can produce these in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to match requirements.

Conveyor idlers, also known as idler rollers, are cylindrical components that support and guide the conveyor belt. The discs, made of rubber, are mounted on these rollers to enhance their performance and durability. 

Customers use conveyor idler discs for various reasons:

  • Support and Guide the Belt: Idler discs provide additional support to the conveyor belt, helping to maintain its alignment and smooth operation.
  • Reduce Wear and Tear: By reducing the friction between the belt and the idler roller, these discs help to minimize wear and extend the life of both the belt and the rollers.
  • Impact Absorption: Idler discs can absorb shock and reduce the impact on the belt and rollers, preventing damage.

Conveyor Idler Discs are not just used in Recycling, they are also used by our customers in Mining & Quarrying and Material Handling.